How are Preschool and Pre-K different? As a parent, there are many things to consider when raising and educating our children. We’ll give you the answer to one of the bigger education questions out there.  The biggest difference between Preschool and Pre-k is the age difference. Preschool typically ranges between 2 ½ and 5 ½ Continue reading “”

Do you want your child to succeed? Are you concerned about possibly pushing your preschooler a little faster than they are prepared to go? What can you do to help your child enjoy childhood while developing their potential. n my 34th year of working with Preschoolers and their families, the best and most important counsel Continue reading “”

It’s a huge responsibility–helping your child learn acceptable and appropriate behavior.  How do you build the foundation for his/her developing value system and character? Your child is learning what is right from wrong and what is desirable versus unacceptable through your praise and correction. But that is not all; your goal is to ultimately instill Continue reading “”